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Imagine my surprise when I realized that all the big and little savings tip sand tricks I’ve been implementing since the beginning of the year are actually starting to “pay off”. Here are a few:

• Borrowing books from friends and the library- huge huge savings. Humongous. If local bookstores notice a dip in sales they can definitely blame it on me.

• Cutting back on eating out. Way way back. Again- huge savings. On both money and calories.

• Going to game night in the neighborhood. Bring a dish and byob and it’s a fun, cheap, night out.

• Instead of meeting friends for a movie and/or lunch we meet at someone’s house, bring a DVD and a dish to share and voila, another cheap, fun day.

•Buying groceries at one store, buying generic, and going every ten days instead of once a week.

• Reading magazines that I don’t subscribe to at the library. Saves money and it’s green.

• Using a washable mop instead of disposable ones.

What savings tips work for you? Feel free to share them in the comments.


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